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Big Brother Double Sticks

15.00 (incl. VAT)

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Big sticks allow you to make two separate bubble tunnels. The size of the bubbles depends on the wind.


Big sticks to make two huge bubble tunnels.

Precise description

These sticks are ideal for people who love huge bubbles and plenty of small soap bubbles. Two openings give you an opportunity to form two separate bubble tunnels. The diameter of the bubble is 50 to 80 cm.  The size of the bubbles depends on the wind. When there is a light gust, two separate bubble tunnels are formed. When there is strong wind, the tunnels combine and make one big bubble or they can separate into many little bubbles.

Technical Data

Stick Length:  1.0 meter

String Length: 3 meter, 2 openings with a 40- 60 centimeter diameter.

The sticks are made from beech wood and covered in a rubber coating.  The string is made from the highest quality cotton, which enables maximum absorption of water and facilitates in creating beautiful soap bubbles.

Available Colors

Available stick colors: yellow, red, blue . Please indicate your color choice when ordering.  If not indicated, the color of the product will be randomly selected.

String color: chosen randomly.

Warning: all sticks are handmade and thus may vary slightly from the description.

Additional information

Weight5.1 kg
Dimensions100 × 3 × 3 cm

blue, yellow, red, purple