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Soap Bubble MEGA kit – 5 elements

29.00 (incl. VAT)

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Complete soap bubble MEGA kit


– Soap bubble liquid – bubble concentrate 5 litres (apple)

– 1 Giant Bubble Stick (green)

(string picked at random)

– 2 bubble hoops (single and double – butterfly)

– 1 eco-friendly 5 litre bucket with soap bubbles theme and a measuring scale

All you need to create beautiful and colourful soap bubbles are just 5 litres of water (from tap, lake or river).

Complete kit ready to use!


Complete soap bubble MEGA kit


  1. 250 ml of the concentrate is enough to make 5 litres of super powerful giant soap bubble solution.

Bubble Brothers soap bubble concentrate is handmade from only the best ingredients. Unique formula has been improved following years of experiments. Thanks to our experience we were able to create a non-toxic, environmentally-friendly concentrate that you can now use to make a very efficient and super powerful soap bubble solution. You only need to mix it with an exact amount of water and it is ready. From now on you can enjoy making soap bubbles anywhere you want.

  1.  Giant Bubble Maker for Big Bubbles

The easiest one to use, it creates incredible visual effects.  Using this product, you can create bubbles between 70 and 100cm and lengths reaching 5-6 lengths (in ideal atmospheric conditions). These sticks are lightweight and easy to use, ideal for young children, but also great fun for adults. Specifications Stick Length:  0.5 meter String Length: 1.7 meter

  1. Bubble hoop – single

The easiest stick to use – just soak it in liquid and pull. The result is either a beautiful bubble tunnel or an abundance of small soap bubbles. Perfect for children aged 3 or over.

Stick length: 0,3 metre

Hoop string length: 0,6 metre

Bubble hoop – double butterfly

The double hoop – resembling a butterfly – enables you to create beautiful visual effects. It makes it very easy to produce double or triple bubbles, connected to each other. The stick is extremely easy to use – all you have to do is soak it in liquid and pull. Perfect for children aged 3 or over.

Stick length: 0,3 metre

Hoop string length: 1 metre

  1. Eco-friendly 5 litre bucket made from recycled plastic

Produced in Poland from recycled plastics, decorated with a beautiful nature and soap bubbles theme. Environmentally friendly and very durable, with a measuring scale on its side so you can easily pour the right amount of water.

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